Me with my Husband. Photos by A.R. Photography

Hello, my name is Danielle Nichole after roughly 10 years of doing Wedding and Event Photography I decided to follow my dream and get back into planning weddings and events. Before I started as a Wedding and Event Photographer I was known to my friends and family as the event planner or event coordinator. I was always planning a birthday party, fundraiser or planning a wedding for a client, family friend, family member or friend.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE helping plan, style and personalize all types of events for my clients. From Weddings to Corporate Events and everything in between! There are so many details that make up a wedding or event, and I just love every single one of them.

I live in Oregon with my Pomeranian, loving husband and daughter.  When I am not planning an event or wedding you can find me photographing a wedding or event or cruzin around downtown Portland looking for an awesome restaurant to try out.


Traveling the world | Going to Seattle | Photography Adventures | Shoes and shopping | Desserts of all kinds (yum!) | Coffee & Ice Green Tea | Happy Hours & Brunching | Date nights | Creating & Crafts | Cooking & Baking | Girl’s Nights | Filipino Food | Vietnamese food (Pho!) | Spending time with Family


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